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No radio station would be successful without listening to their listeners’ feedback. That’s at least what we believe. Our aim is to use your feedback to guide the evolution of our programmes to ensure the songs we play are the ones you want to hear on the daily. You can see that this works a treat as our customer reviews are stellar, and our listening figures keep growing! Why not give us a try today?

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If you’re anything like us, you need some good jams to get you through the day. Our station airs a variety of different music shows for those who listeners who like a bit of variety throughout the day. Our DJs offer the best insights into new bands formed around the world, and there’s even time for some competitions to win sweet, sweet prizes. Tune in today to try us out, you won’t be disappointed.

The Show

The original Mid Morning Mixdown Show on Wyrelite Radio was hosted by then station owner Dj Cushty, and proved a huge success, now years from that era Gary has revived the show in his own intimate way. There is the daily guess The Mystery Voice Game, and great music from the last six decades, along with topical chat and some side bursting laughter, it will make your work day mornings fly past. All this and much much more on a Tuesday Thursday and a Friday from 11am UK Time only on www,wyrelite.com


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